Anope Test Networks (netqa)

As part of our run up to releasing 1.8-stable we are seeking Network Administrators willing to help us by testing our near-stable releases on their public network to help us iron out and resolve potential bugs.

As the latest 1.7.x releases are the build up to 1.8-stable, we are aware that some Networks are already helping us by running these, but we'd like to go out on the limb a bit more and ask for some networks to run 1.7.xx-svn which will incorporate the latest bugfixes in our efforts to reach the dizzy heights of 1.8-stable.

As the times become nearer, we will be releasing a public 1.8-RC1 but we'd like you guys to get involved earlier and help us make this RC1 a single RC and allow us together to get on moving past 1.8 onto some of the juicier feature requests we've had since we entered our feature freeze.

I'd like to hear from you, please check out the forum post and whilst I can see the date of that post be assured that we are now moving forward and it won't be another 2 years before we release!

Thanks for your time and efforts; together we'll take Anope to the next level.

Posted on Sunday, August 24th at 02:11:29 by chaz