Anope 1.7.22 released - upgrade recommended.

It was about time :)

Loads of fixes piled up since the release of 1.7.21 and several things needed doing before we could start thinking of finally getting 1.8 out of the door.

In addition to that, a crashbug in ChanServ's ACCESS
command has been fixed, making this a highly recommended upgrade for everyone running any version of 1.7.

This release mostly includes loads of fixes. The list includes several memory leaks, general code cleanups, updated documents and loads of user-visible consistency fixes and updated features.

Take a look at the change log for more information about the changes made for this release.


anope-1.7.22.tar.gz -- Full 1.7.22 source release
Anope-1.7.22.exe -- Windows Installer (No MySQL Support)
Anope-1.7.22-MySQL.exe -- Windows Installer (With MySQL Support)


f6f71cc674630d788e3a0ba528be633a anope-1.7.22.tar.gz
8ef60c7f1bc810f7aed152a11dcf357b Anope-1.7.22.exe
6644182a19cc543c5afc09085aaeef94 Anope-1.7.22-MySQL.exe

Posted on Sunday, September 14th at 10:29:13 by chaz