Anope 1.7.23 released - Upgrade recommended.

** Update **

We have re-released .23 with a revision 'b' as an oversight was made on loading encrypted databases which has now been resolved.

If you previously updated to .23 you needn't update again unless you have problems.


Since releasing 1.7.22 just over 2 weeks ago, we've continued to polish the 1.7 branch for the eventual release of 1.8.

We've fixed various issues some shown below:

Buffer overflows with both ChanServ and NickServ (Win32 Crashbug in 1.7.22)

FreeBSD 7 issue.
Expanded behaviour of OperServ Ignore & introduced modular database back end meaning Ignores are saved even after a services restart.
Various typographic errors are fixed in help/lang files.
Expanded behaviour of OperServ Modlist
Enabled UMODE functionality for InspIRCd 1.1

Unfortunately, we encountered some problems with the way in which Chanserv & Nickserv are storing passwords which has led us to make a sad but needed decision to break the long time standing backwards database compatibility with versions prior to this one. - This means that once you have upgraded to 1.7.23 (or any SVN build after revision 1462) you will be unable to go back.

Please make sure you take a back up prior to upgrading just in case you do need to revert!

We cannot stress the importance of this advice, and assure you it was with a heavy heart we broke the compatibility and not a decision we took lightly.

Take a look at our Changelog for more information


anope-1.7.23b.tar.gz -- Full 1.7.23 source release
Anope-1.7.23b.exe -- Windows Installer (No MySQL Support)
Anope-1.7.23b-MySQL.exe -- Windows Installer (With MySQL Support)


f5c4b500ba3e4ae5021dc8d32bd11d44 *anope-1.7.23b.tar.gz
b691368f2e025f3b41301efe7acc9151 *Anope-1.7.23b.exe
20e27a95b1864d0dc7e7e28e0f648b00 *Anope-1.7.23b-MySQL.exe

Posted on Sunday, October 5th at 19:49:04 by chaz