Anope 1.8.0-rc1 released!

It's about time for one of the final steps towards a new stable release: it's first release candidate! We ask everyone to test this release candidate so we can have a truly stable new stable release.

Apart from updates to language files there are no changes since the last development release (1.7.24).

Finally a word to all users of the stable release (1.6.5). When the final release of 1.8.0 is there we will stop supporting 1.6.5. Please make preparations for upgrading to 1.8.0 by testing this release with your modules so as to ensure a smooth transition once 1.8.0 final is released.

Take a look at the change log for more information about the changes made for this release.

Posted on Sunday, October 26th at 21:28:09 by GeniusDex