New Project Leader

Dear All,

This is just a quick message to announce that as of 1.8-RC1 last night (26th October 2008) I have taken over as project lead as GeniusDex steps back into a developer role within our project.

What will this mean to all of our faithful users?
We will continue to build on our successes in developing what is regardless of what some people may say/think, one of the most popular & successful IRC Services packages on the planet.

We will continue to develop our product for our users in line with what they want and not what we want them to have as at the end of the day, as people tend to realise often too late, without users, there is no product, and without a product we have nothing to spend our time on.

I am fully open to feedback and any constructive ideas moving forward and invite you to get in touch with me either directly on IRC or via email on

Best Regards,
Charles Kingsley
Anope Project Lead

Posted on Monday, October 27th at 20:25:50 by chaz