Anope adopts -ng as 1.9

The Anope-ng fork (announced previously here) has merged back in with the main Anope Project with the official adoption of the changes thus far into the upcoming 1.9 development branch.

We are fortunate also that Robin & Naram have agreed to join our team as Developers moving forward which will allow us to fully explore the potential of the work they have done thus far and engage our ideas and goals with theirs for the future of the project.

Please help us in making the upcoming 1.8 stable release a success by downloading the Release Candidate available and helping us iron out any bugs left lying around and direct your ideas for the future to us in #anope-ng.

Thanks once again to all of our users for being loyal and helping us continue to create a product you want.

Posted on Thursday, November 6th at 16:08:59 by chaz