Seasons Greetings from the Anope Team

Dear all,

We'd like to extend our best wishes to all of our loyal users, supporters & our associated sponsorship partners along with their families and anyone they may well be in contact with over this festive period.

It's been a long but productive year for Anope:

. 4 Point releases on the development branch leading to a release candidate for stable.

. The fast paced development of 1.9 as a result of an initial forking effort "Next Generation -ng" brought back into the team to better collaborate and develop.

. The merging of Denora IRC Stats back into the Anope platform as part of our latest endeavour of open partnerships with dedicated module authors.

. Changes in the team meaning more people are available to help out in our support channel ( #anope) & web forums (

However, whilst we should celebrate our successes this year, we must not rest on our laurels; we must push forward and get 1.8-stable out the door, and help our users with modules only supported up to 1.7.21 make the transition to 1.8-stable with their favourite modules intact.

We as always are very grateful to our users who use the software, drop in to the channel for a chat and especially those who help us make the product better by reporting issues, suggesting changes & even implementing the changes themselves and passing us a patch. Not everyone can write software, people are always needed for many other roles including but not limited to:

. Supporting users on the support channel / forums
. Testing bugs reported on the bugtracker and seeing whether you can reproduce them.
. Updating the language translation files to ensure they are accurate & up to date for your language.
. Checking through our supplied documentation to ensure it is correct and update anything we've missed.

But more than anything, using our latest revisions in our subversion repository even if just in a test environment and helping us find any problems so the problems don't make it to the finished articles.

Once again, from the whole team, we'd like to extend our warmest regards to you in this festive period and wish for a prosperous new year for all.

Posted on Thursday, December 25th at 09:36:17 by chaz