Anope 1.8.6 - Prerelease Information

Hi all,

We believe we're ready to release Anope IRC Services 1.8.6 as our next stable release.

Before we do this though we'd like to involve the community in testing our pre build just to make sure everything is OK and contribute back to the project with your findings.

We'll leave this open for a week with a view of releasing next weekend if all is OK.

There will be no other commits to stable in the meantime unless issues are found in these builds.


Source Download: here
Source MD5: 8ec9029ddfd98da6ec53d63960de47f5

Windows Precompiled Download: here
Windows Precompiled Download MD5: 4038c9a448be52e7fbfcba8dfa34dbd4

Windows Precompiled with MySQL Download: here
Windows Precompiled with MySQL Download MD5: d61ee7905125862098cd9f9263f5f8cb

(alternatively you can check out from git)

We would welcome any input on the Forum thread at

Please get involved and contribute with this so we can make sure any issues are resolved prior to release.

Posted on Sunday, May 8th at 12:42:16 by chaz