Anope 1.8.6 - Release

The Anope Team is pleased to announce the release of Anope 1.8.6 (Stable) which contains lots of general bug fixes and improved support for Plexus, & Hybrid IRCds.

This release only contains an updated German Language File (thanks Han!) and many Mac specific fixes both for compilation and indeed running of Anope on Mac.

I am somewhat disappointed once again at the lack of interest from people willing to test the releases despite ~100 downloads a day.


10/31 A Added support for plexus3's channel mode +z [#1202]
02/23 A Added account tracking support to ratbox protocol module [ #00]
03/21 A Added support for Hybrid's m_services and m_change [ #00]
03/28 A Added internal events called when a module is loaded/unloaded. [ #00]
03/28 A Added internal events called when a command is added/deleted. [ #00]
09/11 F Fixed db-convert handling some vhost collisions [ #00]
09/14 F Fixed ./configure failing with partial SQL installations [ #00]
09/28 F Fixed ForkForMail to always work [ #00]
09/28 F Fixed /nickserv saset display to use nicktracking if enabled [#1193]
09/28 F Fixed /nickserv group to use nicktracking if enabled [#1194]
12/12 F Remove vhost requests from nicks that expire [ #00]
12/15 F Fixed /cs enforce #channel to say SET was enforced not (null) [#1213]
12/23 F Fixed /cs (un)ban and akick from matching users real hosts/IP [#1079]
01/19 F Fixed 'make install' recompiling src/tools [#1227]
01/21 F Fixed many incorrect apostrophe usages [#1223]
01/28 F Fixed not introducing our clients with usermode k on InspIRCd2.0[ #00]
01/29 F Updated german language file. [ #00]
02/05 F Fixed wiki URLs in Windows configure script [ #00]
02/11 F Fixed build on Mac [ #00]
02/23 F Fixed rejoining our clients if they are kicked on a TS6 IRCd [ #00]
03/02 F Fixed showing SENDPASS in HELP to users who can't use it [ #00]
03/03 F Fixed opping our clients on ratbox when not using TS6 [ #00]
03/04 F Fixed setting a users host in InspIRCd when vhost is turned off [ #00]
03/24 F Fixed groups display nick showing in HS req memos for aliases. [#1252]
04/28 F Fixed missing NS REGISTER reply when ns_register is not loaded. [#1263]
05/02 F Fixed crash in enc_md5 on Mac [#1236]


924338d39daa78947670c6c19023cc14 *anope-1.8.6.tar.gz
d6b2bc0ac1393a01db63691c30a1a59e *Anope-1.8.6.exe
73712ecd654731610ce1ddeaecc4687c *Anope-1.8.6-MySQL.exe

Posted on Tuesday, June 14th at 23:48:52 by Adam