Anope 1.8.7 - Release

The Anope Team are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Anope IRC Services 1.8.7 which contains a small number of changes including support for Hybrid channel modes +S and +O & additional internal events for certain situation offering flexibility to Module Authors.

The small number of bug fixes in this 7 month period since the last 1.8 release goes a long way to show how stable Anope 1.8 has and continues to be for the community.

This release is recommended for all networks running earlier 1.8 releases and as always we recommend taking a good back up and testing your modules and database in a testing environment before upgrading.

Change Log:

08/18 A Added support for Hybrid's channel mode +S [#1319]
08/18 A Added support for Hybrid's channel mode +O [#1320]
08/21 A Added internal event when a nickcore is dropped. [ #00]
08/21 A Added internal event when a nickcore gets a new display nick. [ #00]
08/18 R Removed support for Hybrid's (old) channel mode +a [#1318]
12/15 C Added API support for SVSJOIN and SVSPART on UltimateIRCd 3. [ #00]
05/30 F Fixed removing vhosts on InspIRCd when m_cloaking is unloaded [#1273]
07/23 F Fixed a potential crash in the badwords kicker [ #00]
08/09 F Fixed deopping the first user to join a channel during a burst [#1287]
08/10 F Fixed loading bs_fantasy_owner on InspIRCd 2.0 on startup [ #00]
08/21 F Send DROP event when forbidding nicks and channels. [ #00]
11/16 F Fixed ident being used instead of vident in some comparisons. [ #00]
11/20 F Fixed ignore not matching against users' real host or IP. [ #00]
12/06 F Fixed some typos in the spanish language file [ #00]


MD5: ef28b940d58924693f62296c9e306ac9 Anope-1.8.7.tar.gz
MD5: 71666440eba4305a80be4474414f5959 Anope-1.8.7.exe
MD5: 0e5352e1b6805300340126250c767318 Anope-1.8.7-MySQL.exe

Posted on Friday, December 23rd at 23:12:20 by Adam