Anope 1.8.8 and 1.9.8 - Release

With over a year since the last stable release, we are proud to announce the release of Anope-1.8.8.
This release includes support for Hybrid 8 and a new Japanese language translation. A full change log is below.

Additionally, Anope 1.9.8 has been released, which is the next release in our development branch.
It includes many new features and bug fixes. Anyone wishing to update is recommended to grab new configuration files.

Change Log for 1.8.8:

Added Japanese language support
Added Hybrid 8.0 support. (Patch provided by Hybrid Team)
Removed experimental Hybrid 7.0 support.
Fixed user modes on BotServ bots on Unreal3.2.10
Do not allow invalid nicknames to be forbidden in ns_forbid
Fixed several grammar errors in docs/ (patch provided by Simba)
Do not allow akill masks to end in @
Fixed crash with cs_enforce and empty permanent channel
Fixed os_svsnick to allow changing the case of a users' nick


MD5: 7250357f42476063fcc6ab4ab642cfaa anope-1.8.8.tar.gz
MD5: 541258e73571ccc9489d2db2ffedaafb Anope-1.8.8.exe
MD5: 3d7146fa9568b8ed3151cbf4ee1c72a4 Anope-1.8.8-MySQL.exe

MD5: b4d90b04685c904ca3d6ce63a9c226ba anope-1.9.8-source.tar.gz
Md5: d5f2e19847fe7e12ac37532c3da48cf8 anope-1.9.8.exe

Posted on Sunday, March 3rd at 08:47:43 by Adam