Anope 1.8.9 Release

Today we are announcing the release of Anope 1.8.9, which includes minor bug fixes and support for Hybrid 8.1.

With the release of Anope 2 later this month, Anope 1 will be officially moved to "Legacy" status and we will no longer be recommending users use it.
As such, this will be the last release of the Anope 1 branch.

However we will continue to support users running Anope 1.8.x until at least March 23, 2015, at which point we will reevaluate the situation.
The downloads will also remain on until at least this time.

Change Log:

06/05 F Fixed modules being loaded regardless of the load abort signal. [#1527]
08/16 F Fixed hs_request to show requested ident in memos [#1545]
08/16 F Fix kick reason in cs_suspend/cs_forbid if no reason is given [#1544]
12/09 F Fix undefined symbol error on Solaris11 [ #00]

Provided by Michael Wobst - 2013
05/25 U Update Hybrid protocol module to support Hybrid 8.1
06/21 U Update Hybrid protocol module to support vhosts


MD5: c482d37301dc7c67ee98bf796b329be0 Anope-1.8.9.tar.gz
MD5: 9a4108570d600cf57d19d6ddf92deb06 Anope-1.8.9.exe
MD5: c088db8885b9731e446d89a759218135 Anope-1.8.9-MySQL.exe

Posted on Tuesday, March 4th at 00:17:26 by Adam